Phoenix (Haibun)

Today I choose to meditate in savasana posture but forget to set the alarm. Afterwards am standing in my room – my wardrobe, work-desk, and bed remain in place – then I see my body lying unconscious on the floor. Consequently, my body start trembling, I lean towards the wall for support, but it melts like a mass of cloud and I tumble through the fading wall into the ocean. Immediately am floating among psychedelic seahorses, tie-dyed mandarin-fishes, kaleidoscopic sea-turtles, mesmerising sea snails, and jazzy anemonefishes. I keep floating among those sea creatures – while adoring the deep ocean scenery – thinking I have overcome my fear of deep water. Then I start gasping for breath and my lungs fill with water, my limbs get heavier and my brain fogs from lack of oxygen. Out of the deep blue, I sense a pulsing voice from afar: “do you want to go back”, I answer yes – though inaudibly. I gasp, mouth wide-open, like a choking fish washed ashore – too far off to flop back into the ocean.

an east wind
tosses Sahara sands into
the sunset horizon.



Who is a friend? who is a loyal friend? Who is your friend?

Friend is anyone who you knew quite well, and a person that both of you have mutual love, trust, and care for each other. A genuine friendship surpass relatives, creed, or culture. And you may be older or younger to your friend. There are various types of friends, among them are companion, honest confidant, friend like sibling, neighbourhood friend, chat mate, colleague and lots more. I will explain the three types of friends that you will meet during your life journey. The first type are friends like leaves of the tree, second are friends like branches of the tree, and third are friends like roots of the tree. Below, I will explain them in detail, one after the other.

Friends like leaves of the tree will only be with you for brief period, but they are not reliable, and you can’t ridicule or judge their behaviours, as they are not strong and durable. They are just meant to be in your life for a brief period, to give you shelter as the leaves does to a tree. Most of them came to you because of what they need from you and they will surely fall off during a brief wind, but you can’t be angry at them that is just who they are.

Friends like branches of the tree are stronger and durable than those ones like leaves, but you must be careful around them. They are committed to be with you for a lengthy period and they seem to stick with you in all circumstances you’re facing, but they tend to fall off during a strong storm, and you may not see them again. You can’t totally rely on these people as well, even though they are durable than those ones like leaves, as they can’t withstand adversity. Also, you can’t be angry at them that’s just who they are.

Friends like roots of the tree are rare to come by in life, but if you are fortunate to have one in your life, you are well-off. These Friends don’t show-off, they are honest and dependable, and they are not swindlers. Their responsibility is to guide and support you in all possible ways, even during adversity they will be there for you. They will support your progress and be delighted by your success and development in life. Their core onus is to establish you and support your development and they will truly love you for who you are. As a tree usually have many leaves and branches, the root of a tree is not much, and it’s usually hidden. That’s why friends like the root are rare to come by, and you can meet them anywhere.

Your friend must be a good role model, trustworthy, lenient, loving, non-judgmental, and encouraging. Make sure you choose your friend carefully and have it in mind that not everyone will like you. You may not find a person like you as friend, there may be differences in between you and your friend, but it doesn’t matter. What is important is to make sure you have a friend like root of the tree and don’t choose many friends. Quality over quantity always, your relationship goal is to have someone who motivates you and bring out the potentials you’re not seeing in yourself. Once you found that person, stick to that person and be a great friend to that person as well. The greatest relationship is built on love, trust, and care.


“Fear is nothing but illusion which is blocking us from seeing the actual reality, and most of the great predicaments that have befell humankind emanated from fear. Those predicaments are too many to mention, and some people still uphold them no matter how bad and destructive they are to humanity.”

Be Good Get Better (BGGB)


Be Good Get Better mindset will increase your productivity and prepare you for success. Socrates asserted that “the only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing” and if you acknowledge that maxim, you will continue learning more about life and everything around it. Remember, the more you see, the less you know. That’s why you must choose learning as a lifelong process, as it will aid your personal development and success in life. You may be struggling for perfection in everything you do, and that can be stressful. Even the word “perfection” is not perfect, that’s why you must do your best in every situation you found yourself, leave the rest, and move onto the next task.

The concept of Be Good Get Better is great to an extent it is applicable to your art of living. Consider everything you do as a practice, and always do your best in each session you engage yourself in every task. The more effort you put in each session of every task, the better you will become. Nevertheless, don’t forget there is always a room for improvements, that’s why the concept is called Be Good Get Better (BGGB) as there is no such thing as perfection. The hassle of perfectionism is, of course, a pain in the neck as it can be killing at some stage, that’s why you must not venture into it. As a final point, adopt the Be Good Get Better mindset, it will improve your productivity and drive you towards attaining remarkable success in life.


“There’s no single secret to success as our definition of success varies. Nevertheless, every journey of success begin with self-awareness – knowing who we are, and self-acceptance – admitting who we are. Given that we are able to attain both capabilities, there’s no limit to what we can achieve.”

The Enchanted Highland

This highland is a forsaken and forgotten place
A graveyard for the living, territory for ravens
This highland is unknown to many
Only few are aware of its existence
This highland causes gloomy state of mind
Its inhabitants are the most vicious creatures
The two-legged snakes which backbites
The two-faced creatures which are frenemies.

Seagulls visits sporadically during the day
Ravens and crows are its dominant birds
Feral cats creeps around all day
Foxes dominates the land at night
This highland sometimes cry for help
Its silence can drive one nuts at times
This makes the highland constantly scary.

This creepy highland is driving me insane
But then again who am I to complain
My dignity, privacy are constantly threatened
My blood usually run cold on this highland
I passionately despise returning to this highland
I must navigate between Scylla and Charybdis
Every time I’m returning to this highland
Which feels like striding naked through thorns
It feels like walking barefoot on broken glasses
Just to arrive at my haven.